Slide A natural stone tiles manufacturer and exporters Slide ِAlfa Stone Quarries Mining the best limestone, marble, and granite blocks in Egypt to export top quality tiles and more. Slide Alfa Stone Factory Sawing, cutting and fabricating the blocks to many form of usable elements. Tiles, block-steps and many moor. Slide Alfa Stone Quality Tone consistent tiles is our excellency in the market, and surface finishes like no other. Slide Alfa Stone Natural Stone Expand your stone range with the unique Egyptian natural stone materials now. Slide Alfa Stone Supply We can secure your clients demands on Egyptian limestone, marble, and granite as our inventory is always full. Slide Alfa Stone Packing An experienced team that make the crates never better secured and will packed

Who is Alfa Stone?

Alfa Stone is a B2B natural stone exporting company located in Cairo-Egypt.

We are a quarries owner of multiple region in Egypt, and fabricators of tiles, slabs, blocks and many more limestone and granite products.

Our factory is located in the industrial area of Tura, Cairo government.

Alfa Stone for Marble and Quarries


Sinai pearl
siani bronze
siani grey
sunny menia
melly grey
Melly brown

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Shanghai Triumph Palace Residence


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Alfa Stone has been sourcing the most beautiful naturel stone in Egypt. Our extensive travels and unmatched standards continue to discover new sources of unique natural stone to provide.Our superb range of marble, limestone, and granite can be supplied in slabs, tiles or cut to size panels to match any residential or commercial application.

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Please let us know how we can help you.